Project Abstract:

Proyecto IDIS (Research in Image and Sound Design) Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo (FADU), Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) Code FADU-UBA Research dept. PIA HyC-14.

IDIS proposes an historiographic tour through the design of Images and sounds, in categories such as artists, works, devices texts and definitions, to allow new perspectives and paths to understand how the digitalization of data influenced the audiovisual discipline.

We propose the formulation of an historiography that is complementary to the traditional histories of the cinema, and that is focused on the relations established between the design of  audiovisual systems of representation, and the electronic and digital media.

The research consists in classifying and analyzing information related to the development of devices for visual and sound production, technological systems of creation, storage, manipulation and transmission of images, both analogue and digital,  in past and present experiences made by designers, artists, researchers, communities, and socio-political communication groups.

Our weekly updated database at proyectoIDIS.org refers to ideas, works and projects mainy focused in latin america, to establish historical and conceptual relations and that offers significant contributions to the establishment of non-linear audiovisual narrative structures.

Project Director: Carlos Trilnick

Academic coordinators: Mariano Ramis, Gabriel Rud.